DONATE NOW The hungry should have food
The sick should be treated
Children should be educated

We are Join Together Society
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JTS, we dream of a world without famine, disease, or illiteracy.

Around 300 full time volunteers and thousands of part time volunteers are working

for JTS ( Join Together Society ) around the world. 

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We Work in
Developing Countries
to Alleviate Poverty

  • We wish to practice humanitarianism by helping those in need around the globe.
  • We wish to carry out relief projects to eradicate starvation, disease, and illiteracy in developing countries.

Food Aid

JTS provides food aid to the poor suffering from food shortage.

  • Provides daily meals for 500 children and weekly nutritional snacks for 1,800 children in the village of the destitute in India
  • Provides agricultural aid including fertilizers, vinyl, pesticides, seeds to support self-sufficient living of the poor in Philippines
  • Provides nutritional packages for children of disadvantaged families in South Korea
  • Provides food aid to 53 orphanages, nursing homes, and special schools in North Korea (excluding Pyongyang and Jagangdo)

Educational Support

JTS builds schools and provides school supplies so children can receive education.

  • Operates Sujata Academy for elementary and middle school students, Kindergartens, and technical schools in the village of the destitute in India and provides uniforms and schools supplies for the students
  • Builds schools and provides uniform and school supplies for the students on the Island of Mindanao, suffering from intense religious, ideological, and racial conflicts
  • Provides traditional costumes and instruments necessary for transfer for traditional Filipino culture

Medical Aid

JTS builds hospitals and provides free medical treatment for those who cannot afford it.

  • Established Jivaka Hospital in Dungeshwari in India to provide treatment to the residents who had been unable to receive medical treatment
  • Provides mother and child health service, baby vaccination, tuberculosis treatment, hygiene education, and mobile clinics for the poor
  • Provides medical aid for the native people of Mindanao Island, the Philippines
  • Provides basic medicine and medical equipment for North Korea, which has a poor medical environment
  • Provides medical treatment for multicultural families in South Korea

Community Development

JTS aids the development of a sustainable villages where people can become independent and rebuild their sense of community.

  • Builds drinking water facilities to improve unsanitary living conditions
  • Carries out communal labor activities in villages to aid independence and cooperation of the residents
  • Provides agricultural, technical, and leadership training programs to create of more jobs and income

Emergency Aid

JTS provides emergency aid in areas suffering from natural disasters (flood, earthquake, etc) or in crisis due to armed conflicts

  • Provided food and 100,000 gas stoves to the Rohingya refugees
  • Provided food and daily necessities in areas hit by natural disasters including Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar
  • Provided food to people who lost their homes due to wars and civil wars
  • Provides agricultural, technical, and leadership training programs to create of more jobs and income

We are JTS America

An international humanitarian relief organization dedicated to

helping communities and families overcome poverty, sickness, and illiteracy


of JTS

We hope to make a world in which anyone who is hungry can eat anyone who needs medical care can receive it. Every child can get educated.

Anyone hit by natural disasters like droughts, floods, heat waves, or extreme cold can get help.

Everyone is respected regardless of gender.

Everyone is treated equally regardless of skin color.

We Are On A Mission

To Help The Helpless


We are a 100% VOLUNTEER
operated organization.

When you give, 97% of
every dollar goes straight
to the needy.

The hungry should have food
The sick should be treated
Children should be educated