Humanitarian aid to North Korea began after hearing reports of North Koreans starving to death and an increase of North Korean refugees due to chronic food shortages and frequent natural disasters.


  • In 1997, JTS began emergency food aid to the most vulnerable population in North Hamkyung Province, which was suffering from severe food shortage. JTS established a factory in Rason to produce nutritious meals for children. The meals were then provided to all of the 11,000 children in all of the 110 daycare centers and pre-schools in Rason.


  • JTS provided emergency relief goods to North Korea after major disasters such as the train explosion at Ryongcheon Station in 2004, the spread of the scarlet fever in 2006, and flood disasters between 2006 and 2011


  • JTS has carried out humanitarian aid in North Korea for 15 years regardless of the political situation between the two Koreas. After building trust with the North Koreans, JTS was able to expand aid to more regions in the country in 2008.


  • In 2010, JTS reached an agreement with North Korea to provide regular humanitarian aid to all the orphanages, nursing homes, and special schools for the disabled. Until 2012, JTS provided food, necessities, and school materials to 12,000 people in 53 facilities in North Korea.


  • In 2019, JTS provided an emergency food aid of 10,000 tons of corn to North Korean orphanages and the mining areas of North Korea that were experiencing severe food shortage due to the ongoing international economic sanctions.

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