Since 2003, JTS has been involved in various educational support projects in Mindanao, Philippines. From 2003 to 2009, we have supported 62 school building projects in 40 different villages. The business model has been for JTS to supply general coordination and all of the building materials, for the villagers to supply the land for the school and labor force during construction, and for the local government to supply expertise during construction and teachers once the building is complete. JTS would also supply educational materials for the school such as text books, stationeries, and furniture.

The areas of concentration for these educational support projects have been the native and Muslim populations in the region. These area tended to be poorer and did not have any schools before JTS involvement in 2003. Through many years of involvement in the region, we have built up trust and rapport with the local population and government. In 2004, JTS also led a project in Talagak of the Bukidenon province to build special needs school and dormitory for the disabled children.

Our mission is to give children a chance at education in regions where they do not have access to education. JTS will continued to support educational projects in Mindanao, Philippines.