JTS is an international NGO relief organization with the aim of fulfilling the three goals stated above. JTS operates all around world, especially in Asia, to eradicate famine, disease and illiteracy. It is an international relief organization that has been granted special consultative status by the UN ECOSOC.

JTS International, with headquarters in Korea, has 4 branch offices. JTS Korea and JTS America are in charge of fundraising, while JTS India and JTS Philippines conducts development projects in cooperation with local communities. Since 1999, JTS has carried out relief activities in close cooperation with its branch offices abroad, dispatching field officers to countries around the world that have been hit by disasters.


When Ven. Pomnyun went to India for a pilgrimage, he met a young lady begging for money to buy milk for her baby. In Dongheswari, he also witnessed hundreds of begging children and wondered why they were not in school but instead on the street. Later he learned that the milk that the woman asked for cost only about two dollars. He also found out that the school-aged children on the street could not go to school because there was no school in the village. This experience struck him deeply. Since then he has been vigorous in his efforts to eradicate starvation, diseases and illiteracy in the world.

As a part of such efforts, he has founded Join Together Society, an international aid organization that operates under the motto: the hungry should be fed, the sick should be cured, children should be educated.



  • JTS carries out relief work in places where there is not enough aid to meet needs.
  • JTS encourages voluntary participation of the local people in its relief projects.
  • JTS JTS relief projects help the local people to become independent.


We hope to make a world in which
anyone who is hungry can eat
anyone who needs medical care can receive it
every child can get educated
anyone hit by natural disasters like droughts, floods,

heat waves, or extreme cold can get help
everyone is respected regardless of gender
everyone is treated equally regardless of skin color.

We wish to make a world full of people who
are aware that the process of living each day is happiness in itself
know that everything originates from them and comes back to them
know that cultivating a pure mind leads to making the world a pure land
know that becoming free of their desires, rather than satisfying their desires, leads to happiness
do not get attached to the past or the future
know that the world they live in is a place where bodhisattvas practice
would willingly go into hell to help others;
are happy just to be alive
are thankful just to be alive.
are happy when they see the sun, the moon, the stars, a tree, a rabbit or a deer
are thankful to be able to have a meal and have a roof over their heads
are even more thankful to be on the path taken by the Buddha.
We take refuge in the Buddha.



We are a 100% VOLUNTEER
operated organization.

When you give, 97% of
every dollar goes straight
to the needy.

The hungry should have food
The sick should be treated
Children should be educated