JTS has been doing humanitarian work to combat hunger, disease, and illiteracy in many countries including India. Some criticized that we have to focus more on helping the disadvantaged in South Korea than the people in other countries. However, we have been helping the disadvantaged in Asia because we believe that they need more help.

JTS has been helping our neighbors in need in South Korea as well. We organized picnics and parties for seniors, the disabled, and multicultural families in every spring and fall. We spend time regularly with the disadvantaged to share their difficulties and loneliness.

On August 2015, we established a multicultural support center in Ansan, where many foreign workers reside. We provide a variety of supports in order to create a virtuous circle that multicultural people have a better life in South Korea, and these multicultural people help people in their home countries when they go back home.

Since 2016, we have been helping teenage parents, grandparent families, single parent families, and hungry children. Since the winter 2016, we have provided “nutrition packages” to hungry children in every summer and winter break.


We are a 100% VOLUNTEER
operated organization.

When you give, 97% of
every dollar goes straight
to the needy.

The hungry should have food
The sick should be treated
Children should be educated